Blaine Oelkers

Hello, I’m America’s Chief Results Officer® and the world’s greatest creator of doneness. I know your results matter and I know I can help you get better, faster and more long-lasting results. Let me start with 1 simple and elegant results technique that activates your mind with your top goal over 100 times a day. I explain it in a short TEDx talk I recently did. Your results matter- get access immediately at

Blaine Oelkers on stage at his TEDx talk on his concept of WYTAYBA

Blaine’s TEDx Talk

  • 1 Simple and Elegant Results Technique that Activates Your Mind with Your top goal over 100 times a day!
  • In Just a Few Minutes fully understand Wytayba.
  • The Power Your Thoughts have to control and direct your life. Choosing better over bitter.
  • Full Transcript included.
  • Over 100,000 Views already!

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What Would You Do First?

What Would You Do First?

Think about that. If today was your last day, what would you do first? I know that can be a little bit of a shock to think about your life ending today. We all have this day coming at some time. We rarely, if ever, think about the fact that we will be leaving this...

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Find the 1 Percent!

Find the 1 Percent!

Find the 1% that Produces 51.2% of Your RESULTS! There’s a magical 1% of what you do every day that produces 51.2% of your results on average. Would it be of benefit to you to understand how that’s possible AND how to determine what that 1% is? If so, then you are...

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Have You Lost Faith in Yourself?

Have You Lost Faith in Yourself?

Have You Lost Faith in Yourself? (How to strengthen your resolve and take back the day!) I’ve got to create some new marketing to build my audience. I know its high-value work that needs to be done by me. It’s critical to my business and my goals. So I sent up an...

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