Think about that.

If today was your last day, what would you do first?

I know that can be a little bit of a shock to think about your life ending today. We all have this day coming at some time. We rarely, if ever, think about the fact that we will be leaving this planet at some point. The question instantly takes the focus off ourselves and to what matters most in our lives. The reason it’s important to raise those thoughts is to find out what’s most important in your life.

What is it? What would you do first?

Does someone special come to mind? Your spouse? Your mom or dad? Your children? A special friend? What would you do for that person? Would you call that person? Would you get together with them? Tell them how much you love them? Would you write them a note? Would you create a video for them?

If I could live my life over I would…

As I studied people, especially those near death they all same the same thing. If they could live life over, they would spend more time creating memorable moments with those that they love the most.

Life can get busy and I’ve found it grounding to ask myself that question a few times a week. Then I take some type of action based on what comes up for me that day. It may be a long hug with my wife Beth. It could be an extra text to my kids Bo and Kaitlyn. Some days, I decided to create something for them that they could have long after my life has finished. It could be a hand-written note, a special photo or a short little video. With smartphones, it has never been easier to connect and create memories with loved ones.  

Who is it for you?

Who is it for you? What could you do for them today? Not tomorrow, not later – right now – today. Step into the action that answers the question in your life. Take the time and do those things. You’ll feel better. You’ll feel more peace. You will feel lighter, loved and grounded.

Sometimes the question turns people to thoughts of their legacy. What could you leave for those that continue and come after you? I recently read some insightful Facebook posts from people who knew it was their last day or at least very close to that last day. Can you guess what they said? What do you think they wanted to pass on to you from their last day? It was so important that they used their final hours to share it with you?

Knowing life is a gift not a given…

They want you to know that life is a gift not a given. We don’t know how long we have so love as much as possible, live as much as possible. Don’t be so hard on yourself.  Don’t waste time worrying, complaining or just drifting through. Live on and live with purpose. Life is never a given but really it’s a gift each and every day.

What do you need to tell the world?

What message do you need to get out to the world? Don’t wait – get it out today. You could write a Facebook post, a blog entry or record a quick video with your smart phone and post it online. Don’t let your message, your wisdom be lost. Capture it and put it out there today.

This question forces you into a decision on what’s most important in your life. What’s essential? The question has application to many situations including your work and business?

The question works for your business

For example, in the morning at work, you could ask: “If this is my last hour of work today… what would I do first?” With any task, event or project you can continue to ask if this is the last (some measurement of time) what would I do first? That forced clarity puts the right thing at the top of the list. It puts you into the 80/20 rule mode where you are working on the parts of projects that are the top 20% that produce 80% of the results. It quickly helps you answer the question:

What really matters? And what should I do first?

Ask yourself – If today was your last day… what would you do first?

The action you’ll never regret…ever

Take some action today on your answer. You’ll never regret that time. It will be spent on the most important parts of your life. That could be a special relationship, a legacy, or serving God. In the moments of that action today you will be living in your highest self.

Life’s not a given – it’s a gift. Make the most of it today – you’ll never regret it.

Take control and make it a great day,


Blaine Oelkers is a lifetime entrepreneur, graduate of Purdue University and Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship program. He’s achieved over 100 Million dollars in sales and coached thousands of people. He’s America’s Chief Results Officer® and Day Ahead™ Specialist helping business owners go from being a day behind to being a day ahead in business and in life. He’s the world’s greatest creator of valuable doneness. He can be reached at

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