Blaine Oelkers

Hello, I’m America’s Chief Results Officer® and the world’s greatest creator of doneness. I know your results matter and I know I can help you get better, faster and more long-lasting results. Let me start with 1 simple and elegant results technique that activates your mind with your top goal over 100 times a day. I explain it in a short TEDx talk I recently did. Your results matter- get access immediately at

Blaine Oelkers on stage at his TEDx talk on his concept of WYTAYBA

Blaine’s TEDx Talk

  • 1 Simple and Elegant Results Technique that Activates Your Mind with Your top goal over 100 times a day!
  • In Just a Few Minutes fully understand Wytayba.
  • The Power Your Thoughts have to control and direct your life. Choosing better over bitter.
  • Full Transcript included.
  • Over 100,000 Views already!

My 10K Hour Free Report Reveals…

How to have more $10,000 Hours for You and Your Business! (Yes it’s easier than you think and I’ll show a $120,000 hour from a previous week!!)

Forced Clarity: Free report reveals

The 4 (easy) steps you can use to gain clarity (including how to find the extra time to do it!

Mastering Think and Grow Rich – Create the Life You Desire

What 99.9% of the people miss every time they read Think and Grow Rich and why the next time you read it will be the one that changes your life forever!

Including some lost passages from the original 1937 edition that make all the difference.

New Think and Grow Rich Book Study Edition. Includes Think and Grow Rich Guidebook (use to sell for $97), Complete Chapter by Chapter Book Study and the Original Text including the secret lost pages. 


Focus on the 20 Percent

Focus on the 20 Percent

How to cut out 50% of what you do and actually get MORE done! Thank you, Pareto… Is it really possible to cut out 50% of all the things you do and actually get MORE done? Well, Vilfredo Pareto and I say yes it is. Pareto was born on July 15th, 1848 (I was also born on...

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Why I (and many others) Read It Every Year!

Why I (and many others) Read It Every Year!

Outside of the Bible, there is only one book I read every year. Some years I read it more than once! I want to share with you that book, why I read it every year, and why you should read right now. Think and Grow Rich The book I’m talking about is the famous Think and...

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Smartphone – Good or Evil?

Smartphone – Good or Evil?

Smartphone - Evil Distractor or Results Multiplier? Just about 2.5 billion people in the world have a smartphone. Some see their smartphone as an evil device of distraction, something they are addicted to, and something that is a time vampire in their life. With its...

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