Do You Like to Win?

WIN EVERY TIME with Nano Goals.

What If You Could…

  • Increase Your Energy and Motivation Levels
  • Save Time by Getting Started Quickly
  • Wipeout Procrastination Instantly

All in under a minute – winning every time.

This is possible with a Nano Goal. A Nano Goal is some part of a task, goal, assignment, habit or to-do item that you can do in just a minute. It’s super small and that’s why we call it Nano. Because it only takes a minute, it removes all the fear and resistance you have to a larger goal.

What Are Some Examples of Nano Goals?

Let’s say you have a goal to start an exercise program but you find yourself not starting it. Or you start, but you miss too many days and lose motivation. You could set a Nano Goal of exercising for just 1 minute. Maybe right before your shower in the morning or while you’re brushing your teeth. There are lots of things that, when you distill them down – you Nano-ize your goal – you can accomplish it every time. I recently had the goal to meditate every day and I found that when I tried to set aside 30 minutes to do it I would often miss it. I would miss my goal. Then I decided I was going to do it every day even if it was for only 1 minute. That removed the resistance and fear and gave me the momentum to go months without missing a single day.

When thinking about your goals, especially ones that you have failed at in the past, think about how you can break it down to something very small. Instead of cleaning up your whole office, set a Nano Goal to just clean off your desktop or maybe even just a little part of your desktop.

How Nano Goals Save You Time

The key savings in time comes from wiping out the procrastination that often holds us back from getting started in the first place. The Nano Goal only takes 1 minute so no matter what the circumstances are, you can do it – right then – right in the moment. By accomplishing a small part of your goal you decrease overwhelm and stress at the same time.

What do you want to start doing? It may be just a quick mind dump of ideas to paper for 1 minute. Because you get more done you get energized by the progress. “Done” is the engine of more.

Putting Nano Goals to Work for You

To start using Nano Goals, the first thing you want to do is break down your larger goal. This can be done by breaking down your goal into smaller and smaller steps. Then determine what you could do in just 1 minute. It could be an activity or just one quick action item. The key is that there’s no question to doing it right now, right in this moment. It may seem a little small but before your doubting mind can grab control just jump into the activity for just 1 minute. You will instantly feel more in control. You just kept a commitment to yourself and made progress.

You can ask yourself this question: “What do I want to start doing?” Whatever that is, simply do it for just 1 minute and you are on your way.

Nano Rewards & the Next Time You Feel…

Create a list of Nano Rewards to celebrate small wins throughout your day. This could be a 1-minute happy dance, walk, watch a funny video, listen to music, meditate, or anything you love to do and that you can do for 1 minute.

The proof is in the performance. The next time you feel ANY resistance in getting anything done, getting anything started or perhaps restarting a good habit…STOP and MAKE a 1 minute Nano Goal and do it for 1 minute. You will win every time. You just increased your energy and motivation. You got started, you made progress and you instantly wiped out procrastination. Well done!

Take control, Nano Goal something and make it a great day,


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