Picture a patch of rich brown earthy soil. The soil is moist and full of rich nutrients. It gets its daily dose of warm sunshine. It has everything it needs to become a beautiful garden and grow abundantly.

The soil is magical in the way it can take a seed and, with the right nutrients of water, sunshine, and air, create a beautiful garden. A garden that is full of color. A garden flowing with flowers and food. I believe this magical process was intelligently designed to produce for us. I am in awe every time I witness the birth of something from seeds to seedlings then on to plants, and flowers.

But what if nothing is ever planted?

What if no seeds are ever sowed? Then nothing ever grows. Even worse weeds could take over the garden to use the soil’s rich gifts to create something undesirable. What a shame that is. What a tragedy. The soil is there to produce abundance. The soil is there to produce beautiful flowers or nutritious food – all from a small seed.

The unplanted garden never grows.

You have to plant the seed to have the garden. You have to sow to reap. What a waste of gifts and power if you owned a large garden that went unplanted. What a tragedy it would be if your soil was never used or worse if your soil was overtaken with weeds. Would you agree? Can you see the loss that the unplanted garden brings? Can you feel the pain of that lost potential? The soil has that power but is never given the chance because it never receives the seed.

You do own a large garden.

Your garden has a soil that’s rich. Your soil will magically return on what’s planted and cared for. In fact, it’s one of the richest and highest producing soils in the world. That garden is your mind. Your mind is like that fertile soil it can produce in large abundance. When you plant an idea firmly in its soil it begins to take root. When you water it through spaced repetition of thought and ask for God’s help it begins to grow rapidly. As you engage your deepest soil in the sub-conscious mind magical things begin to happen. Your idea grows. Thoughts, opportunities, and resources begin to appear seemingly out of thin air. You hear different conversations, you open different emails, you connect with different people and you create a different life.

What if you plant nothing?

If you don’t firmly plant some seeds in the garden of your mind then you will get nothing. Or, even worse your mind garden will be planted on by others. Then, the weeds of other people’s seeds will grow in you. They will use your soil gifts to grow something of their own choosing, not yours. The only way to protect against this is to close your mind to the seeds of others and plant your own divinely inspired seeds. Plant the ideas you have, the desires of your heart and bring forth your gifts. We all have unique gifts and those gifts create a garden of service to others that only you can grow.

Your job is to plant the seed.

Nourish it by thinking about it often, talking with other people (masterminding) about it and taking action as the opportunities and resources present themselves. Let the soil of your mind do its work by presenting these opportunities, resources, and people to you. Initially, don’t worry too much about the “how” it will grow. Spend your time and energy on planting it and thinking about it often. What you think about you bring about (Wytayba).

Plant the seed.

Take some time to think deeply about what you want. Get really clear about what that is. Then go to work by planting that in the garden of your mind. Think about it every morning and each night. With this clarity, you will find great focus and direction. You will find yourself with more energy, with more hope about the future. You will find things that use to distract you powerless as your seed grows. As you take action on your idea it will get more and more powerful.

It’s up to you. You start the process by planting the seed.

Don’t let your garden go unplanted. The unplanted garden never grows.

Now take control, plant your seed in the garden of your mind and make it a great day,

Blaine Oelkers is a lifetime entrepreneur, graduate of Purdue University and Stanford University’s Entrepreneurship program. He’s achieved over 100 Million dollars in sales and coached thousands of people. He’s America’s Chief Results Officer© and Day Ahead™ Specialist helping business owners go from being a day behind to being a day ahead in business and in life. He’s the world’s greatest creator of valuable doneness. He can be reached at blaine@selfluence.com.

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