Blaine 17Blaine Oelkers – Introduction

Blaine is a lifetime entrepreneur and has been creating and operating profitable businesses for over two decades. A graduate of Purdue University, Blaine has owned and operated a consulting firm, a franchise with the world’s largest pizza delivery company, four health and wellness businesses and a personal development company. He’s reached the top of three network marketing companies and is currently one of the largest distributors for a cooperative marketing company based in his current home town of Scottsdale Arizona. His passion is to help people take control of their lives by taking control of themselves. He’s hear today to help you get started with what he calls Selfluence – the art and science of influencing yourself. Please welcome Blaine Oelkers…

Detailed Bio/Personal History – January 2011

  • Graduated 1985 Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana
    • Major – Bachelor of Computer Science
    • Minor – Business & Statistics
  • Started 8 Successful Businesses – working full time from home last 16 years
    • Computer Consulting & Programming
    • Quality Researched Personal – Hiring Agency specializing in Technology Field
    • Domino’s Pizza Franchisee
      • Certified Trainer, Super Service Award, Operational Excellence, Record Sales Award
      • Distinguished Achievement Award – International Franchise Association
    • Cell Tech – Network Marketing Company
      • Full time income over 9000 distributors/customers
      • Double Diamond – top of the compensation plan
    • Royal BodyCare – Network Marketing Company
      • Full time income over 16,000 distributors/members
      • Gold Crown – Top 10 Income Earner
      • Certified Trainer & Event Leader
      • Member – Distributor Advisory Board
    • TriVita/Amazon Herb – Cooperative Marketing Company
      • Full time income over 300,000 affiliates/customers
      • Presidential Director – (one of the largest affiliates in the company)
        • Top of the compensation plan
        • CEO Advisory Board
      • Margaret Borthistle Leadership Award
      • Million Dollar Club Award
      • House of Giving – Board of Directors
    • Hydrogen For Health
      • Teach 10 Keys to Wellness
      • Internet store selling high-end Antioxidant – 6 years using pay-per-click & bounce back coupons
    • Selfluence – the art and science of influencing yourself
      • Training and education company
      • WYTAYBA What You Think About You Bring About
      • Mastering Think and Grow Rich
      • The 60 Minute Life Accelerator
      • The 30 Minute Hour
      • The 21 Second Habit
      • Instantly Happy


      • Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines – April 2008 – Co-Author
      • Team Leader for 90 Day Product Factory –
      • Graduate – Web Traffic School Course –
      • Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach –
      • Tennis Instructor – USPTA
      • Network Marketing Certification – University of Illinois at Chicago
  • First course offered at a major institution of higher education on Network Marketing – Dr Charles King
    • Network Marketing Teacher – Taught 2 Semesters at Scottsdale Community College
      • First and possibly the only person to teach a full course in Network Marketing in the state of Arizona.