10K Hour Day

The $10,000 Hour Day – Have you ever earned $10,000 from just one hour of work?

On Monday (February 5th) we have a Done Day called $10,000 Hour Day. You will learn about and Experience a $10,000 Hour – where you earn $10,000 from an hour of work on your business.

We are going to show you just how valuable your time is and how you can do work that pays you over and over and over. One simple Price Elevation strategy alone, which you could do in less than an hour, could earn you well over $10,000.   

A Done Day is where you get something DONE by doing it – all in one day. It’s part Training, part Mastermind (you do it with other people), part Workshop and a whole lot of IMPLEMENTATION. We really need less information and more implementation! This is a high-level experience that we have with our top Mastermind Groups. We meet virtually up to 3 times that day based on your schedule.


CLICK HERE to Purchase the $10,000 Hour Day. If you are one of the NEXT 5 you will be able to enter the special code quick50 and get the 50% off – you will see the price drop to just $74. (that’s crazy because you will experience a $10,000 hour during the training). 


Small Group Virtual Meeting: Train, Workshop, Mastermind


We do this in a small group together using a video conferencing platform so you can attend from any place in the world. It also allows you to get other things done during the day. We provide printed resources so you learn and do it then you can do over and over and over. You develop the skill through application. The value goes beyond the one day – you pick up a new skill. You could even share or teach it to others after you experience it.


Having $10,000 Hour’s 


When is the last time you made $10,000 in an hour? Have you ever done it? What if you could do that every week? You might be saying “Blaine – not possible”. But it is and in one day (next Monday) you will learn how to create them and have them every week. 

In Just 1 Day You Will:


    – What is the value of your time?


    – What you have to STOP doing to have $10,000 hours


    – Learn where $10,000 hours come from


    – How to have a $10,000 hour with a few $1,000 hours along the way


    – How to leverage your time to create more value


    – The TOP 5 $10,000 hours that business owners experience


    – How $10,000 hours change your life and your thinking forever 


How Does It Work? 

We get together via video conference (you can call in from any smartphone or computer) at 8amMT. We kick it off with some training and masterminding for about an hour. Then we get to implementing it, to doing it.


We connect again at NoonMT to check-in and go deeper with the process. At 8pmMT we return to share our results and reflections from the day. By sharing our results you keep learning from what actually worked for yourself and others. It’s fun and we get it done. This is about implementing and finishing it all in one day.


Not another thing to learn, not another thing to add to your to-do list. This is about doing and done. We ensure success with our “Lasting Results” Implementation Plan which we cover at our 8pm meeting. 


We are on for Monday February 5th.  

What’s included: (all sessions recorded in case you miss any of it!)

     – Pre-day Prep Materials & Checklists


     – 8am – Training/Mastermind/Workshop – 60 Minutes

                    – Introduction to the $10,000 Hour

                    – The Value of Your Time 

                    – Where $10,000 Hours Come From

                    – What You Need to STOP Doing

                    – Creating a $10,000 TODAY!


     – Noon – Progress & Pitfalls – 60 Minutes

                    – Masterminding the Morning

                    – Progress Update & Pitfall Overcoming

                    – The Top 5 $10,000 Hours of Business Owners 


     – 8pm – Results, Mastermind & Bonuses – 60 Minutes

                    – Results and Reflections

                    – Masterminding Solutions

                    – How $10,000 Change Your Life

                    – Lasting Results Implementation Plan


The PRICE for this Done Day is only $149.


That includes all the materials, 3 hours of time together and the 30 Day “Lasting Results” Implementation Plan. It’s a great value in what you will get done that day and the skills you will have moving forward. We limit the number people in the Experience to ensure personalized attention and the ability to Mastermind ideas together.


Fast Action Bonus – NEXT 5 – 50% off – just $74 

Here is an outrageous offer for quick action. 50% off for the next 5 business owners to register. Yup $74 off – so the NEXT 5 will get the FULL Done Day for only $74. I want to reward fast action and to be honest I’d like to get some additional testimonials from this Done Day so NEXT 5 get the special deal. You will get a whopping 13,423% return on that $74 dollars in just one day as you experience your own $10,000 Hour.  


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Don’t Worry it’s All Recorded 

Don’t worry if you will miss any of the Virtual Meetings at 8am, Noon or 8pm as we record them and provide the recording to you at no additional charge.  

See you (virtually) on the 5th! 


All the best – stay results focused, 

Blaine Oelkers

President, Arizona Marketing Association

P.S. CLICK HERE to Purchase the Done Day for only $149. If you are one of the NEXT 5 you will be able to enter the special code quick50 and get the 50% off – you will see the price drop to just $74.


P.P.S. Additional Bonus Training: Setting up Routines of Results. This is worth over $100 by itself.