Super Results Purge Day

The MOST Productive Day of Your LIFE!

Monday, August 31st!


Monday, August 31st, we have a Super Results Day called Purge Day. Join Blaine all day long as we crush your To-Do list while learning how to let things go to get in the flow of a better business and life. In just a few hours feel lighter, richer, inspired, relieved, more productive, more focused, finding it easier to do things, easier to clean up, more joyful, less likely to buy stuff, organized and more creative! When you let it go you being to flow! (all VIRTUAL – do it from anywhere)

A Super Results Day is where you get something DONE by doing it – all in one day. It’s part Training, part Experience (you do it with other people), part Workshop and a whole lot of IMPLEMENTATION. You will destroy your to-do list. The last time I did it I got 131 things done in a single day!

We really need less information and more implementation! This is a high-level experience that we have with our top Mastermind Groups.

You Will Have the MOST Productive Day of Your Life

You Will CRUSH Your To-Do List!

This is a GSD Day. GSD stands for Get Stuff Done. (Some people use a different “S” word for “Stuff” but I will keep this G rated.) It could also be called Accountability Day or even Time Block Day. I’ve done 100s GSD Days and my record is 141 items done in just one day.

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Your host for the day Blaine Oelkers is America’s Chief Results Officer and author of several books on results and getting things done.

Why Purge?

As human beings, we tend to gather up too much stuff. That includes physical stuff as well as mental stuff. So it’s good to set aside some time to purge or remove things that could be weighing you down, slowing you down or holding you back.

What’s the Purge Feeling?

When people go through a purge day they report experiencing the “Purge Feeling”. That’s when you feel lighter, richer, inspired, relieved, more productive, more focused, find it easier to do things, easier to clean up, more joyful, less likely to buy stuff, organized and more creative. This all comes from purging.

The Physical Purge

We start with the purge of physical stuff. We decide if we are going to dump it, donate it or decide later. We move fast through items and don’t get hung up going through stuff. If you are not sure, just put it in a decide later pile and keep moving! It’s a fast sweep for maximum results.

The Mental Purge

On the mental side we start with a mental fast – avoid news and social media for the day. We focus in on things we want to remove from our life – could be negative people, negative habits or negative thoughts. Remember to replace the bad with some good.

What’s your Purge Plan?

I’ve got my Purge Plan. It includes purging out my home office and doing some digital de-cluttering. Lot’s of office paperwork to be purged. I’m going to donate some books and clothes as well. On the mental side I’m purging some things that don’t serve me well. I’m working on things that put me into what I call a “Resourceful” mind state. I’m looking at how and who I spend my time with to re-prioritize who and how I spend my time.

Purge Day is Unique

(All virtual – do it from anywhere!)

What happens for you during a Purge Day… 

  • Learn the Fast Pass Purge Method

  • Develop a Purge Plan

  • The Mental Purge – taking out the Headtrash

  • The Physical Purge – Cleaning out the Body

  • The Business Purge – De-cluttering the Office

  • Taking a Proper Bliss Bath

  • The Importance of a Daily Mind Shower

  • Purging Time Vampires

  • Purging Bad Habits, Bad People and Bad Attitudes!

It’s a powerful day and one that will serve you for a lifetime of results for you and your business. And you will spend the day getting stuff done!

Living Your Day in 3 Hour Blocks

What you do is live your day in 3-hour time blocks. You plan out what you are going to do for the next three hours. We jump on a conference call every three hours and share very quickly (just 2 to 4 minutes total time) what we accomplished and what we have planned. We follow that with a short 10-15 minute training.

It’s Fun and You Get It Done

You get very focused kind of like the day before vacation. You have less downtime, fewer distractions and are better organized. You learn about yourself. How much can you actually get done in just 3 hours? I’m always thinking I can get more done but the reality of time sets in.

You Improve Immediately

When I realize how limited time is, I tend to make better decisions and choose the higher value tasks to complete. I start to do some things together – what I call synergy. For example, while driving I make a few business calls. I start to delegate more. I bundle and batch things together to get more done. Do all my errands together, do all my phone calls all at the same time one after the other. The little time savings start to add up to a whole lot more done!

One of the biggest things I like about Super Results Day is that I lived my day. The day I planned, the list I had and the things important to me.

How about you? Are you ready? 

It starts with you making a list of all the things you want to work on for the day. I like to start with a bunch of small doable tasks to gain some accomplishment momentum. Then I break up larger tasks into smaller parts so I can celebrate getting each section done. On my last Super Results Day, I set a record by getting 125 tasks done. I ended up with a list of 409 which was great because after I was done I had the list of all the things I wanted to be done out of my head and on paper.

Give It a Try – Guaranteed to Energize

You can join me for GSD Day – I guarantee it will be the most productive day you’ve ever had!  to Purchase the Super Results Day. If you are one of the FIRST 5 you will be able to enter the special code first5 and get the 75% off.

Small Group Virtual Meeting: Train, Workshop, Brainstorm

We do this in a small group together using a video conferencing platform so you can attend from any place in the world. It also allows you to get other things done during the day. We provide printed resources so you learn and do it then you can do over and over and over. You develop the skill through application. The value goes beyond the one day – you pick up a new skill. You could even share or teach it to others after you experience it.

How Does It Work?
(All Virtual – Do It from Anywhere!)

We get together via video conference (you can call in from any smartphone or computer from any place in the world). We kick it off with some training and workshopping for about 30 minutes. Then we get to implementing it, to doing it. We connect again in three hours to check-in and do a fast 10-15 minute training. At the end of the day, we share our results and reflections from the day. By sharing our results you keep learning from what actually worked for yourself and others. It’s fun and we get it done. This is about implementing and finishing it all in one day.

Not another thing to learn, not another thing to add to your to-do list. This is about doing and done. We ensure success with our “Lasting Results” Implementation Plan which we provide at the end.

What’s included:

(Training sessions recorded in case you miss any of it!)

Pre-day Prep Materials & Checklists

7amPT – Training/Brainstorming/Workshop – 30 Minutes

  • Introduction to Getting Stuff Done
  • Getting the Most Done in Just 1 Day
  • Developing the Skill of “Doneness
  • Single Tasking, Multi-Tasking, Batch Tasking
  • Top Tips from last the 100+ GSD Days!
  • How to Track the Day
  • Using the Check-ins to get more done
  • Introduction to Purge Day
  • Fast Pass Purge Method
  • Your Personal Purge Plan

10amPT, 1pmPT, 4pmPT – Check-in/Rapid Training Calls – 5-10 Minutes

  • Taking out the Headtrash – the Mental Purge
  • The Physical Purge – Cleaning out the Body
  • The Business Purge – de-cluttering the office
  • Taking a Proper Bliss Bath
  • Purging Time Vampires
  • Purging Bad Habits, Bad People and Bad Attitudes!

7pmPT – Results & Reflections – 30 Minutes

  • What we learned today about time & ourselves
  • What to do with the leftover items
  • Results and Reflections
  • Lasting Results Implementation Plan
  • The 30 Day Declutter Challenge

PRICE for RESULTS is only $149.

That includes all the materials, all our time together and the 30 Day “Lasting Results” Implementation Plan. It’s a great value in what you will get done that day and with the skills you will have moving forward. We limit the number of people in the Experience to ensure personalized attention and the ability to interact and brainstorm together.

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Don’t Worry it’s All Recorded 

Don’t worry if you will miss any of the Virtual Training Meetings as we record them and provide the recording to you at no additional charge.

See you (virtually) soon! 

All the best – Your Results Matter,

Blaine Oelkers, Chief Results Officer   

P.S. to Purchase the Super Results Day for only $149. If you are one of the FIRST 5 you will be able to enter the special code first5 and get the 75% off.